Implant Treatment

Teeth that has got to exist within the mouth throughout human life is also lost because of insufficient care, genetic factors resulting caries or gum disease. As a results of these losses, gaps occur within the mouth and therefore the chewing function begins to interrupt. Although movable prostheses provides chewing to a degree, bring along discomfort and aesthetic problems. Bridge systems cause whether or not a touch damage to the teeth used as abutment as a results of some extent of etching. Implant systems have emerged to interchange lost teeth thanks to these negative reasons. Implant may be a titanium screw system wont to make prosthesis on teeth. Dental implants placed within the jawbone function a complex body part. In single tooth deficiencies, it’s possible to finish incomplete teeth without touching neighboring healthy teeth, still as using dental prostheses rather than movable prostheses in multiple tooth deficiencies.It takes about 10-15 minutes to do each implant surgery.

Implant Surgery In Turkey

The fact that implant surgery treatment prices are very high in many European countries puts patients in search of cheaper and quality treatment abroad. As Medim Health, we also offer a treatment at European and USA standards to our patients coming from abroad under much more economical conditions in Turkey. As a note, implant procedure has been performing in Turkey for many years.