Therefore, it is a method frequently referenced in the beauty sector. Although, first it appeared as a practice that only concerns women, yet it is now improving problems for men also.

Sagging occurs especially on the body of a person who loses excess weight. Excess fat accumulates in the areas of the arm, leg, neck and abdomen. This means both visual and psychological problems. Thanks to rapidly developing technology, such situations are easily treated. It also makes their lives easier by opting for liposuction instead of heavy diets in people who want to have a more beautiful body.

Operation’s name Liposuction
Technique Vaser liposuction
Target Face, Neck, Arm, Back, Arms, Legs, abdomen
Duration of the operation (1 region ) 2-3 hours
Type of surgery Surgical
TYpe of anesthesia General anesthesia
Recovery date 4-8 weeks
Who is eligible for liposuction? Healthy, over 18 years old with less than 30 BMI.
Final Result 6  Months