Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation, also known as breast enlargement, is the name given to the process of bringing the breasts of women with small breasts to the desired size with the help of prostheses, also called silicone implants. The procedure is performed by surgical operation.

Every woman wants to be beautiful, and there is no woman who doesn’t want to have beautiful breasts. Sometimes, as a result of double or unilateral development defect of the breasts or due to weight gain and loss after pregnancy, the breast tissue may lose its volume and become smaller than normal.

In these and similar cases, breast augmentation surgery should be performed to obtain larger, fuller, larger, aesthetically more beautiful breasts. It should not be forgotten that every woman deserves a beautiful pair of breasts. It is possible to have beautiful breasts with breast aesthetics.

When is breast augmentation surgery performed?

In women who think that their breasts are small, breast augmentation surgery is performed to correct the disproportion in the body lines, especially the hip-breast ratio.

In order to correct the loss of breast volume after pregnancy (In some cases, breast sagging may also occur. In this case, breast lift-up surgery may also be required.)

Breast augmentation surgery to provide symmetry in breast size: In most women, breasts are not symmetrical. If this is very evident, the breast should be enlarged.

To reconstruct the breast in various situations (For example, after breast cancer surgery, congenital absence of breast …)

It can be done because breast implants (prostheses) placed for medical or cosmetic reasons need to be replaced due to aging, losing their properties or causing a problem in that area.

Breast Augmentation for Proportional Body

Every woman wants to feel beautiful. It is possible to correct this ratio by balancing with breast augmentation surgery. Many women undergo breast augmentation surgery to achieve a proportional body with a breast prosthesis suitable for hip and shoulder sizes. Breast augmentation surgery is not a mandatory operation in terms of health. However, if we examine the definition of health; we come across the phrase that it is a state of complete well-being not only physically, but also spiritually and socially. We can say that the definition of health is not fulfilled in people who feel themselves mentally incomplete and socially restrained by wearing small breasts on their head. In this case, a health-related surgery can be accepted. But ultimately it is not necessary in terms of physical health.

Are breast implants safe?

For many years, studies investigating whether breast implants cause breast cancer or an autoimmune disease have been conducted by esteemed universities of the world and no relationship has been found between breast implants and these diseases.

Brands of breast implants are very important. Before the surgery, you will be informed about the brand of prosthesis to be placed during your consultation with your doctor, and you should ask to be given the prosthesis cards with the serial numbers of the prosthesis after surgery.

What is the minimum age for breast augmentation surgery?

For breast augmentation surgeries, it should be observed that at least puberty has finished and breast development has completed and the breast has not grown for at least 2 years. This surgery can be performed after approximately 19-20 years of age.